SeaDronesSee Background

The SeaDronesSee benchmark initiated from the Avalon project. The project's goal is to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle to assist in humanitarian Search and Rescue scenarios. In order to search for people on sea, robust computer vision systems need to be developed. The lack of data sets motivated this benchmark and aims to open the field to the vast deep learning research.

SeaDronesSee Team

                     Benjamin Kiefer                
                 Martin Messmer                     
                     Leon Varga                     

Evaluation Webpage Background

This webpage was developed as part of a team project at University of Tuebingen. In a Scrum setting 9 developers and 2 product owners created this page within a semester fully online during the Covid-19 pandemic. The supervisors were Benjamin Kiefer and Martin Meßmer. Feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions via



As depicted in the group photo, the webpage was developed by the excellent 9 developers: You can try to contact them via


We would like to thank all subjects for participating and helping in the data acquisition process.